Young People’s Leadership

The UFA uses the phrase ‘young people’s leadership’ to describe a range of work they do.

“What do we mean by this? Our broad definition of leadership as ‘leading self and others’ can encompass specific leadership roles but is also about understanding more about myself and how I act in different situations. Being more aware, in control and as a result, being more actively engaged in a learning situation, because I choose to be.

In training we often ask people to question their motivation when they are considering pupil voice and influence – why do they want to engage young people in this way?

  • Is it because it’s the latest educational fad?
  • Is it because we think the inspectors will like it/expect it?
  • Or is it because we feel it is morally the right thing to do?
  • Is it an irrepressible force, an incoming tide, that we need to ‘go with’ otherwise we’ll be left behind?

We ask people who they feel they should involve?

  • Is it the ‘responsible ones’?
  • The ones who never have to be reminded to tuck their shirts in?
  • The prefects?
  • The school councillors?
  • …the usual suspects…?

Or is it actually an entitlement for all young people to be leading their own and perhaps other people’s learning?” more here