Webinar: What is Character Education? Bill Lucas

In the first of a series of webinars creator of the Expansive Education Network Professor Bill Lucas asks and answers these questions.


CIRL Webinar – Schools in England Today – A Health Check

On Tuesday 5 May, a few days before the Election, Professor Bill Lucas led a discussion about what children should be learning at school.

What should an educated 19 year old be able to do and know?

Drawing on the argument of his recent book with Guy Claxton –Educating Ruby: what children need to learn – Bill will argue that we have become too focused on tests and not left enough space for the development of character.
He was joined by Mike Grenier of the Slow Education movement; James Stanforth, Head of Digital Education at Eton College’s Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning; and Jonnie Noakes, Director of the Centre.

The link below contains a file that you can download. The video file is around 250mb in size. Please be aware the recording quality is quite poor

CIRL Webinar – Schools in England Today – A Health Check