Effects of Learning Skills Interventions on Student Learning: A meta-analysis Review of Educational Research

A review of: John Hattie, John Biggs and Nola Purdie (1996) Effects of Learning Skills Interventions on Student Learning: A meta-analysis Review of Educational Research Vol 66: 2 (99-136)

This month we focus on a paper by John Hattie and colleagues, whose aim was to identify the key features of successful study skills interventions. The review was a study of studies (meta-analysis), building on findings from of over 50 pieces of research that aimed to improve student performance by focusing on learning or study skills. It was conducted by leading experts in the international field and is a highly influential review, which colours our thinking about how best to impart learning dispositions to pupils in a way that will ‘stick’ or ‘transfer’ from one classroom to another or, indeed, from the classroom to the world outside of school, college, or university. Findings support the recommendation that training (unless for simple mnemonic performance only) should be given in context, should use tasks and strategies from within the same domain as the strategies will be utilised in by students, and should promote high levels of learner activity and metacognitive awareness.

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