School in the Clouds: George Stephenson High School

Professor Sugata Mitra’s wish to inspire children and teachers across the globe took shape with the opening
of the first of seven Self Organised gsschoolLearning Environments (SOLEs) on Friday 22nd November 2013 at
George Stephenson High School in Killingworth.

Sugata’s vision to design and develop plans to create a learning lab were first realised when he won the TED prize. Children in locations in north east England can tap into online resources and connect with the other schools in India. The room has created a great deal of interest, not only by the students at school who use the room on a regular basis in a wide range of subjects from PE to Maths, but internationally as well… Skype lessons have taken place from schools in America to India to schools here in the north east.

It is felt that the room has already had a huge impact on teaching and learning, students demonstrate highly skilled independent learning styles and each student who takes part in a SOLE always reflect on how the room allows great collaboration, and student centred learning and indeed removes barriers that a conventional classroom can cause. The shift in the role of the teacher is also something that has injected interest and an opportunity to reflect on pedagogy.