Poulner Infant School

Poulner Infant School has been developing it’s learning to learn strategies
over the last three years.  The staff have poulnerbeen inspired by INSET with Guy Claxton and attended courses on ‘Building Learning Power’.  As a direct result the school has created the unique Poulner Learning Heroes.  They have been designed to encourage pupils to develop skills for life. The learning heroes are interactive characters that demonstrate the learning habits of independence (Incy Independent), co-operation (Team Bee), problem solving (Solver Snail) and reflection (Better Beetle).  They are shared with the children through puppets, stories, real-life situations and celebrated weekly.
The learning heroes are part of the fabric of the school and are fundamental to the schools vision, which states ‘ Great Learning is at the heart of who we are, what we do and what we strive to achieve’

Poulner Infant School has recently joined the Expansive Education Network to develop teacher’s professional learning and research skills.  The teachers have developed individual small-scale enquiries, enabling them to explore issues, which will have a positive impact on the learners in their class.

Some of the projects are based around the following questions;

•    If children are challenged to try a new activity will it improve their ability to seek, enjoy and persevere at new experiences?

•    If teachers model the key vocabulary and language of initiating play and sharing will the children be able to use these skills during child initiated play?

•    If children are given a self-evaluation tool to assess their writing will they be more able to identify their strengths and weaknesses as a writer and set their own targets for development?

•    If children are taught a strategy to ‘look away’ during thinking time will it help improve the quality and quantity of responses to questions?

Many of the projects are works in progress and the impact is being monitored  with a variety of tools such as questionnaires, attitude surveys, observation forms and work samples. The research will be written up and shared within  and beyond the school community.
The school recognises that everyone is a learner.

The school website can be accessed at http://www.poulnerinfantschool.com


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